Duration: 1 Day


The purpose of this competence unit is to define the competence requirements for candidates required to act as a Lookout and Site Warden.


This competence unit applies in all circumstances where any person is required to act as a Lookout or Site Warden on the Network Rail managed infrastructure.

The level and extent of responsibility shall include their own safety and that of others who might be affected by their work. The candidate shall be expected to refer to others for authorisation when required, shall be responsible for the implementation of given instructions and shall work within set procedures and specifications.

This competence unit shall be used to assess the competence of candidate required to undertake Lookout or Site Warden duties.

Competence Unit

This competence unit comprises one element:

Element 1: “Provide appropriate warnings to a working group as part of a safe system of work”.

This element is concerned with the responsibilities of any candidate performing the role of the Lookout or Site Warden. To prove competence in this unit, the candidate shall demonstrate their ability to complete Lookout or Site Warden activities safely and effectively.

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