With our national presence and conveniently located training facilities we have been supplying Rail Training courses throughout the UK to some of the biggest clients in the industry for over 9 years. Whether you are an individual or a company looking to get into the Rail Industry, the most common question we get asked is: ‘Where do I start?’

The simple answer to that is with a Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course.

Our 2 Day PTS Course is an excellent way to enhance your own already established qualifications to gain further knowledge and understanding of your chosen line of work, e.g. construction and civils in the Rail Industry.
This is the course you need if you want to work within close proximity to the Track e.g. Landscaping, Weed Control, Scaffolding, Builders, etc. who do not want to work on the actual Tracks.

If you are an individual looking for a new career in the Rail Industry, ARC’s 10 Day PTS Course would be your ideal starting point.  This course provides you with the foundations to build a long lasting, progressive career in Rail.  Once completed, this course would allow you the opportunity to get employment with excellent rates of pay and flexible hours of work.  There are also endless chances to further upskill and better yourself with ARC Rail. This is the course that gets you to work on the Tracks themselves. If your work involves touching the Track, Sleepers or any of the Rail infrastructure – this is the course for you.

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We also provide comprehensive training for companies.  Our extensive catalogue of courses means that we can cover most enquiries.  Our customer service is second to none – we always put the customer and our learners first.  With the most competitive prices in the industry, ARC Rail are your best option for all your training needs.

ARC’s trainers are extremely knowledgeable of the Industry, and provide the best learning experience possible.

Examples of courses we regularly run:

2 & 10 Day PTS Courses (PTS) PTS Recert
Lookout (LO) Lookout Recert
Controller of Site Safety (COSS) COSS Recert
COSS to SWL 1 (Without Tech) ES to SWL 2 (Without Tech)
OLEC 1 Small Tools

For a full list of all the Rail Training Courses that we offer, CLICK HERE.

Please contact: Dave Lund-regan / Liam Butler
Phone: 01443 303004