What is PTS / PTS Training?

A PTS card, or Personal Track Safety card, certifies individuals to legally work near to Network Rail train tracks.

To obtain a Sentinel Personal Track Safety card (PTS) you will need to be at least 16 years old and have passed your Initial Personal Track Safety course.

What is the duration of a PTS Initial Course?

The PTS Initial is 2 day course.  ARC Rail frequently run 2 Day PTS Initial courses at our conveniently located training centres in Cardiff and Stratford London. We also offer nationwide training for groups of 8-12.

Who needs to do the PTS Initial (2 Day course)?

The 2 Day PTS initial is an excellent way to enhance your own already established qualifications to gain further knowledge and understanding of your chosen line of work, e.g. construction and civils in the Rail Industry.  This is the course you need if you want to work near the Track. For example, you may work in Landscaping, Weed Control, Scaffolding, Labouring, etc. but do not want to work on the actual Tracks.

Does the PTS course qualify me to on the tracks?

The PTS Initial certifies you to working near the Railway only. If you want to become a Trackman and want to work o the tracks, at ARC Rail we run a 10 Day PTS package that includes every element of training you need to become a fully certified Trackman… Read More

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